Whisky - Why a Malt Masterclass?

In recent years there has been a huge rise in interest in Scotch malt whisky, and with it a demand for information. There are plenty of books which will give you the basics about how the stuff is made, but outside the technical literature there are very few - and none in print - which tell you anything beyond that. The Malt Masterclass is here to take you beyond what you can learn from reading books, drinking malts and visiting distilleries.

It is hard to get reliable information about Scotch whisky, or unbiased opinion. The people who sell whisky all want to sell their own brand, so naturally they will tell you what suits them, which may not be what you want to know. The people who write the books and the articles get work from the distillers, so they have to ensure that they present the facts so as not to annoy anyone. We don't want to upset anyone unnecessarily, but we feel that there ought to be somebody independent, to whom people can go for an unbiased view.

Hence the Malt Masterclass. We can answer most of your questions, and what we don't know we will find out from sources for whose reliability we can vouch. And any opinions we offer are our own, and honestly held.

We have created the Malt Masterclass because we care about malt whisky, and about Scotland, our country from which it comes. We believe that the reality of both is about as good as it gets, and it is our object to ensure that that reality is not obscured or misrepresented.