Whisky Tasting Events and Distillations

The Malt Masterclass will run malt whisky tastings and seminars for you and your clients. We can do it here in Scotland, we can bring it to you, to your board-room, seminar or conference venue. We will provide not only the whiskies to be tasted, but the glasses and all other matters, together with amusing, informative and expert speakers. We will even bring along our copper whisky pot-still and show you how it works.

The Malt Masterclass background is in running high-level courses in malt whisky appreciation and production for liquor industry personnel, but we are now offering tastings and events to a wider public.

New Spirit

Unlike all of the big distilleries, where the newly distilled spirit is padlocked behind glass in a spirit safe, when we distil, your clients can put a finger under the stream of new spirit and nose it as it runs off the still. They can see how a whisky is cut and split into the foreshots, middle cut and the feints. They can nose the middle cut as it starts, in full flow and as it comes to an end. They can see exactly how and when different whisky flavours come across in the process of distillation.

But if they would rather have a simpler and more fun-based approach for new comers, we can provide that as well in the guise of informal whisky tastings.

Tastings and Competitions

In addition to normal tastings, we can create light hearted team competitions for your clients, show them how to take a blended whisky to pieces, then reconstruct it, judge the best new blend, distinguish between single malt, grain and blended whisky and handle a tasting Copita like a true professional. We can lead preprandial whisky tastings and give amusing after-dinner talks in connection with tasting whiskies.


Prices are from around £12.50 + VAT per head (or the equivalent in local currency) for a simple tasting lasting 1-2 hours, depending on the number and quality of whiskies selected. The exact price depends on your requirements, the location and the number of tasters, But there is a minimum charge of £125.00 +VAT for any event.


To organise a stand-alone distillation especially for your clients we normally charge £500.00 + VAT, but when this is done in conjunction with a tasting the price is reduced. The larger the tasting, the lower the price of the distillation. We need two weeks notice and a floor plan of the location in which you wish us to distil so that we can apply to Customs and Excise for the necessary licence.


Our prices assume that we are working in or around Edinburgh and any travel and subsistence would be additional and at a level agreed in advance.


These are for groups of people who want to have a good time and drink some interesting whiskies. We will provide the latter, together with an introductory talk, and our staff will circulate among your guests to answer their queries - or not, as you please. The Convivial Tasting is normally in the form of a reception and guests will usually be standing, though there is no objection to their being seated. We normally present five different malts, this being as large a number as most people can cope with in the space of an hour or two, and we will discuss with you what those should be. We provide nosing glasses and a light buffet; the latter again by agreement with you.

The charge for a Convivial tasting depends on numbers and location. We can cater for any number of tasters, though costs per head tend to rise steeply as numbers decline.


As the title implies, Tutored Tastings are more structured than Convivial. Guests will normally be seated; whiskies are poured in advance and are inspected one by one under the guidance of the tutor. Nosing glasses, water and mats are provided, as are tasting notes, notepads and samples of malt and peat.

Malt Masterclass tutors will talk about the values to be used in judging the malts, the origin of those values in production and maturation. Each malt in turn will be inspected to see how far it satisfies the value structure.

We offer two levels of Tutored Tasting: for Beginners and for Connoisseurs. The Beginners course is for people who are new to malts. The malts inspected are those which can be found in most bars and the object of the course is to enable the candidates to familiarise themselves with some of the better-known brands.

The Tutored Tasting for Connoisseurs is identical in principle, but it assumes an acquaintance with the subject; the values on which the assessment is based are more refined, and the whiskies to be tasted are less common. If the client requires, we shall be happy to discuss with them the malts to be tasted.


A tasting for women. Malt whisky has become regarded as a male preserve. All is now revealed for the benefit of a female audience. Women have considerable natural advantages when it comes to tasting whiskies. If you know and can use those, not only will you enhance your enjoyment, but you need listen no longer to guys banging on in bars about something they obviously know next to nothing about.

Usually a version of the Convivial Tasting, though Tutored Tastings will be arranged if required. Prices as above.