Whisky - The Licit Still

Picture of still

The Malt Masterclass is the owner of a copper pot-still of the sort which was in common use in Scotland until about 200 years ago. The still was specially made for us, and we are licensed to use it for the distillation of whisky, by kind permission of H M Customs & Excise.

Whisky distilling was a domestic activity in the 18thCentury, and every house of any size would have its own still, for production of spirit for consumption by the people of the house. In an attempt to stamp out illicit distilling, the Excise Act of 1788 prohibited the use of stills of less than 100 gallons capacity, effectively making illegal all distilling on less than an industrial scale. We are, we believe, the first individuals other than laboratories and the like to be given permission to run a still since the 1788 Act.

We will bring the still along to most of our tastings, so that you may see what a real whisky still looks like at close quarters. As part of tastings, we can actually run the still as an additional activity , distilling low wines into whisky, which the members of the Masterclass tasting are welcome to sample. There is an additional charge for this