Jamie Sempill

Lord Sempill has spent most of his career in the field of marketing, mainly promoting and developing beer and tobacco brands. This has seen him working extensively overseas for various international companies and advertising agencies. He has spent over 12 years involved in the brewing industry and has developed a sound knowledge in the tasting of beers.

In 1995, on inheriting one of Scotland's oldest titles, he decided to take his seat in the House of Lords and explore the possibility of a career in politics, whilst building a business that promoted products manufactured in Scotland. To date he has become actively involved in the debate on Scottish devolution and the constitutional changes in the UK, and has developed a whisky bar concept which he is hoping to establish in Europe. It was during the early development stages of this concept that he met Pip Hills and decided to team up. He has the necessary marketing skills to help present and build the Malt Masterclass. His involvement in the current political debate and his role on the Council of Scottish Chiefs will add an interesting aspect to the overall presentation of Scotland's most famous product.

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