Whisky Tastings Who are they for?

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Whisky Tastings with Malt Masterclass  are mainly for fun, though they are designed to enure that they give a solid background understanding of the differences between blends and single malts, of how wood plays an important role in the colour and maturation of single malt whisky, how flavour is influenced by the use of peat in malting the barley and why the middle cut can influence flavour.

The Full Malty  is a convivial whisky tasting for women: for those women who wish to be able to hold their own in what until now has been regarded as a male-only pursuit, or merely for those women who wish to get the most out of malts they have tried and like. The content of the talk and the tasting are oriented in terms of values more likely to be held by female tasters than the categories which men will bring to malt whisky. While the intent is serious, the Full Malty is intended to be highly enjoyable and to go a little way toward redressing the gender imbalance which prevails among malt whisky enthusiasts.

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